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Our Experience

Asis Energy Solutions has completed a range of commercial and residential solar installations as well as procurement projects. Our clients include Government entities, NGOs, and private consumers. 

Development of the 30 MW Kitaka Project

Location: Mocímboa da Praia, Province of Cabo Delgado, Mozambique

Selected as the winner of the 2017 Solar Incubator competitionthe Project is on route to be the largest solar project to be developed by a Mozambican company. This 30 MW Solar PV Power Plant will be implemented in three phases in Mocímboa da Praia District in the Province of Cabo Delgado.  The Project will bring clean energy to one of the country's most under-supplied regions. 


Procurement and Installation of Mozambique's Largest C&I Rooftop Installation (2.2 MW)

Location: Boane, Province of Maputo, Mozambique

Our specialised team of technicians and engineers was responsible for the procurement and installation of a hybrid rooftop system that consisted of approximately 5,000 panels. The system supplies one of Mozambique's largest metal manufacturers and has led to significant reductions in the company's carbon footprint.

Development and Installation of an Off-Grid System with Storage (8 kW)

Location: Mandlakazi, Province of Gaza, Mozambique

Our team led the development and procurement of an 8 kW off-grid system as well as the distribution of solar kits. Through this project, more than 250 families in rural Gaza gained access to energy for the first time. From finding the most competitively priced products, to clearing land and configuring the system, Asis' diverse team was involved at every point of this project cycle. 

In addition to our completed projects, our project portfolio includes 11 solar mini-grid sites with a total of 4.5 MW of generation capacity. Through these social and commercial projects, our goal is to supply more than 250,000 homes with reliable & clean energy while national grid expansion is underway.


Procurement and Supply of Electrical Equipment (National Electrification)

Location: Maputo, Mozambique

Our team was responsible for the procurement and supply of PV solar modules (350Wp, 375Wp, 545Wp), tecnel transformers, BT cables for the National Electrification Phase 1, and ABC cables.

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