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On-grid solutions: Kitaka Project

Asis Energy Solutions is proud to announce that the Kitaka Project won first place in the 2017 Solar Incubator competition hosted in the Ivory Coast.  For more information about this, please take a look at this video:

Kitaka* is a 30 MW Solar PV Power Plant that will be implemented in three phases in Mocímboa da Praia District in the Province of Cabo Delgado.  The Project will bring clean energy to one of the country's most under-supplied regions. 


To highlight our commitment to our fellow Mozambicans, the Project will be accompanied by the Inna* Harvest Project, which will assist local farmers through the installation of solar-powered groundwater pumps.

*In accordance with Asis' African/Earth-centred vision, the Kitaka Project was named after a Ugandan Earth goddess.  Inna was a Nigerian goddess of the harvest.

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Off-Grid Solutions: Mini Grids

Mozambique presents immense opportunities for rural electrification. Our goal is to bring together public and private stakeholders in order to help our country reach its target of Universal Electrification by 2030 and to do so through the use of renewable energy.


Asis Energy Solutions identifies, develops and installs mini--grids. Our project portfolio includes 11 solar mini-grid sites with a total of 4.5 MW of generation capacity. Through these social and commercial projects, our goal is to supply more than 250,000 homes with reliable & clean energy while national grid expansion is underway.

Asis also has experience with developing and installing mini-grids for commercial entities. Through these projects, Asis assists businesses to reduce their carbon footprint as well as their energy bills.

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